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For Michele Atkins Salmons, encouragement is her lifesource. Michele is most passionate about helping others who are seeking more. Michele serves as a Life, Leadership and Wellness Coach seeking to help individuals connect their confidence to their calling.

Michele became certified as a Health and Wellness Coach through Georgetown University and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University earning her degree in Exercise Science and Health and Human Performance. She has previous experience serving on the Board of the National Alliance on Mental Illness Central Virginia Chapter.

Today, Michele is National Board Certified as a Health & Wellness Coach and currently leads the Executive Coaching Program at Capital One, a Fortune 100 company. She contributes as the Professional Development Director for the International Coaching Federation Virginia Chapter Board.

Michele brings a holistic view to overall wellness and leads with confidence in humankind. She finds joy in sunny days, low key vibes, inner-work and celebration. Though Michele might not know you, she already believes in you.


"Michele's quest towards love, light, and positivity is so fierce that it has a dramatic impact on anyone who partakes in deep conversation with her." -Morganne


"By receiving such an encouraging platform for growth and discovery, I have acknowledged things about myself that I have never been able to see before. Michele helped me open the door to self-love, and continues to coach me through ways of walking through it. I could not feel more proud of what this coaching has allowed me to accomplish!-Grace

"Michele is a real life cheerleader. She is masterful!" -Liza

"Michele provided support, guidance, and a stable foundation as I rebuilt my self-confidence. The judgment-free environment that she creates helped me find my footing. I couldn't have known how much I needed this, but now I know I wouldn't have gotten here without her." -Kiera

"She is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend Michele to anyone looking for an energetic, raw, and deeply passionate coach.-Kelly

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